Study Hacks 101

Let’s be honest, studying is hard. Whether you are school-going, at college, or hashing out a course through work. So here are some great hacks to help you memorise your material so that you can ace that test or exam.

1. Study like you are teaching someone:
Just imagine there is a kid asking you to teach them. How would you teach? I guess you will break down every difficult term or concept in such a way that the kid understands the concept excellently and you will teach them patiently with actions and hand movements. Now, that’s how you need to teach yourself. As Einstein once said, ‘If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.’




2. Use YouTube to understand concepts:
YouTube is immensely helpful if you know how to use it. There are few channels that explain every concept thoroughly in an easy way like Khan Academy or Math Antics. So get researching.

3. Speak out loud while reading:
Try reading out loud, every single word patiently, with actions to hear it and understand it at the same time. When you read out loud, you are allowing your brain to retain information more effectively.

4. Promise yourself a reward:
Now this one’s not only exciting but it will also motivate you to study appropriately. What you have to do is, promise yourself a piece of chocolate (for example) after you have finished a particular chapter or any difficult concept. Now, just a piece, hey, not the whole thing. You can them promise yourself a bigger reward once you have completed and passed your exams.

5. Try the mnemonic technique:
Do you find it difficult to remember the name of planets, rivers or any other complex information? Then you need the Mnemonic technique. With this, you can encode what’s difficult to learn in such a way that it gets linked to the main information. But the good part is, you will be able to remember the complex ones in a simple way.

For example:
To remember the planets (Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto), you can come up with a silly sentence like – “My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”.

6. Record your voice while reading:
This is a great way to listen to yourself and let the information get stored in your brain. When you read out loud, record it because listening is as helpful as reading. Listening to what you have learned every few hours will ensure you don’t forget it. It helps in revision too. You can even listen later at night while sleeping or taking a walk.

Okay guys and girls, go and crack it. And try your best not to let your phone distract you. Leave it in another room or in the cupboard. And good luck!

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