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Do you want to improve your matric results? Are you not reaching your potential in Maths?

Are you getting a C in Maths or Science where you know you need to get an A to pursue your dream career?

PROTEC PMB Academy can help you to achieve your best and follow your dreams.

Complete the online registration form below or click to download the registration form, fill in and return to valencia@protecpmb.co.za

Remember to have a copy of your latest report and birth certificate ready.

Please note: Parents/Grand-Parents need to be vaccinated, and students over 16y also need to be vaccinated.  An early emphasis on good attendance is also expected.


Applicants must be studying core Maths and Physical/Natural Science and be achieving a minimum of 65% in both subjects.


Remember that PROTEC Pmb provides enrichment education for gifted students and not extra lessons.


Your completed registration form, latest school report and birth certificate/ID must be brought into the office or sent to us.


Once you have submitted your registration documents you will book a time slot to write a Maths entrance test.

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    University Admission

    Our 2023 Matric Class

    Excelling under adversity
    100% pass rate with 66 distinctions compared to the national pass rate of 80,1%
    100% bachelors degree admission compared to national rate of 40,9%

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    23 Roberts Road, PMB
    KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa,

    073 617 0378

    Ms Valencia Mzila - Programme Administrator