Why you should study even when you don’t feel like it!

We all know the feeling of complete demotivation to study. Knowing that you have to study to get good grades, but not being in the mood.

Well here are some helpful tips to help you to learn how to study even when you don’t want to.

1. Set really small goals
When you don’t feel like studying, try to do the absolute least that you can. You know what they say: something is better than nothing. This method will help you to feel like you were productive and hopefully motivate you to study more.




2. Make it fun
Admit it: studying is boring most of the time. Especially when you don’t feel like it. So use colourful pens, highlighters, gel pens, doodle relevant pics for information, make up mnemonics (remember this technique from the previous article) for hard stuff, tell yourself jokes based on the notes, do whatever it takes.

3. Take breaks
Hunching over your notes for hours is not ideal. You need to take to take breaks. Set timers to stop yourself from studying yourself into a headache, or worse, back pain. Get up and stretch once in a while. Get some snacks to have in your break. Listen to some music and close your eyes for a while.

4. Create a study routine
Humans need routine in their lives. It’s easier to be more efficient if you create a routine for yourself. Studying will become so easy when you don’t have to fight yourself into it every day.

5. Create a study environment
Choose a location that you will use when studying and arrange all your books and notes. Being well-organized is very vital. You will get up every day knowing that you’re going to go sit at your study environment and study efficiently.

6. Think about why you’re studying
It always works to remember why you study. If you study, you’re going to get good grades. You have to keep motivating yourself to study every single day.

7. Remember the last time you didn’t study and got bad grades
Studying = good grades. Getting bad grades is painful. Visualise your bad marks and this will help you to study even when you don’t feel like.

8. Find your study style
If you want to know the study style that works best for you, you have to experiment. Are you a visual learner or prefer to listen to audio notes? Are flash cards more helpful or do you prefer to sing out your notes?

9. Meditate
When your mind is cluttered, it’s hard for you to study. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and explore your mind. Why do you not feel like studying? There might be something bothering you that you need to fix.

10. Journal
Journaling can help you figure out why your mind is restless. It is about you going within and understanding the underlying reason why your mind is not cooperating with you.

We hope this helps! Wishing you all the best of luck!

Adapted from cognitiveheights.com

Good Luck!

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