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      1. Hi
        Our fees are minimal – R 200 per year. However, you must be achieving a minimum of 65% for both Mathematics and Physical Science – as shown on your latest school report – November 2016. Bring this report into the office (200 Pine Street, corner of Jabu Ndlovu Street) from Wednesday 11th January 2017, and you will be required to write an hour long Maths Entrance Test. If you pass the test and we have a space, you will be invited to join. We do not offer extra lessons – we run enrichment lessons helping bright, hardworking students get top results! Kind regards, Rose Smuts

      2. Hi guys this year I will be doing grade10 ,so l will be starting to do science ,and l must bring my school report on the day of school opening and my problem is that I won’t be able to make it because I will be going to school. So l was wondering if is there another way to bring my report? And do you take learners who will be starting grade 10?

        1. Yes there is; scan and email it to
          You can write the entrance test at 0730 on 14 January. Submit your report at the same time. We only take 30 Grade 10 students so be sure to be there early!!

    1. Sadly we are not able to help with upgrades – we simply do not have the funding or accommodation to do this! We focus on enrichment education for Grade 8 – 12 Students who are talented in Mathematics. By providing the best possible Tutors and resources, we assist these students in getting A symbols, and thereby, bursaries to study further at universities! I see that the Msinduzi High School do upgrades here in Pmb.

      1. Hi, my sisters are doing grade 10 this year wil it be possible fr them to join the tuition this term? And how much is the tuition in Maths and physical science?

        1. Grade 10 is full for 2016, however we do run a waiting list so they should come into the office bringing their latest school reports with them. They MUST be studying both Mathematics and Physical Science, and should be attaining around 65% for both of these key subjects. They would sit our entrance test, and if they pass, they would be added to the waiting list – if anyone leaves, they would be notified and could then join us.

  1. Hi I have 2 girls that are doing grade 9 and 11, I would like to Errol them for this year please advise the procedure.

    1. Firstly, both girls must be studying Natural/Physical Science and core Mathematics, and should be attaining around 65% for both of these subjects. They should come into the office bringing their latest school reports with them, sit the entrance test, and if they pass, they would be considered for entry IF there is a space in these two classes. The Grade 11 students would also have to be interviewed by the Exec Director. Remember PROTEC Pmb opens in mid-January and our places are snapped up very quickly!

  2. protec pmb, is really doing wonders for us the learners. when i came to protec early this year, around early april, i came with a report written 67% for maths. i now say, after writting my june exams, i now have a report written 91% for mathematics . i am really gratefull, protec has really helped me!!

  3. good morning Mrs Smuts, I used to attend Protec Academy, a few years back and Im currently trying to seek for part time employment, and I was wondering if it would be ok with you, If I put you as one of my references, added the work experience at the witness and computer course we did to my CV. Thank you
    kind regards
    Fuze Ngcobo

  4. Hello
    I have got a younger sister, she is going to do grade 10 this year, very good in mathematics she obtained 84% but she wasn’t able to get the minimum required mark for Natural Sciences she got 62% . I’d like to know if does she stands a chance to get admitted and improve her grades, if she does I’d be happy to get more information about the registration process and date.
    Kind regards
    Tokoloho N. Ndlovu

    1. Dear Tokoloho
      Our office opens on Wednesday, 11 January 2017. Please come into the office bringing her and your sister’s last year’s report. She may write our entrance exam (Maths) and we will see how she does. Our address is on the website.
      Kind regards
      Rose Smuts

    1. Hello Karen
      Sadly PROTEC is an enrichment education program – we do not offer extra lessons in maths. Our donors support us in assisting students in getting top marks leading on to universities. Extra lessons are offered by UKZN and Academic Support Programmer in Hilton. Kind regards, Rose

  5. Hi Rose
    My son is doing grade 11 this yr. and would like him to Errol if you still have space and he’s doing triple science do I stand a chance of getting a slot now.

    1. She needs to be achieving a minimum of 65% in maths and physical science. If this is the case, she must come into our offices tomorrow at 0730, bringing her latest school report and she will write a maths entrance exam. If she passes this she will have an interview in order to decide if she will fit into our class & our ethos.

  6. My name is Zamalotshwa Xaba, I passed with a bachelor, but I want to upgrade maths and physical science which I got level 3 that is 48 %, so I want to get at least from 70 to 80 %, and if possible my English home language to improve, do you have the space right now

    1. Protec Pmb does NOT do upgrades or extra lessons. We offer enrichment education lessons for students achieving 65% or more and who wish to get A symbols. So sorry!

    1. We enrol students throughout the year; we need you to bring the latest school report into our offices – 200 Pine Street, corner Jabu Ndlovu Street (Loop). An entrance test is allocated if the child is getting 65% and above for Maths and Science.

  7. I would like to know if my sister can attend . This year even though its only July 2017.But sure does meets the requirements

      1. Sadly we do NOT offer extra lessons. Our programme is an enrichment and extension programme for talented students only.

    1. Please ak your sister to come into our offices with her latest school report. She must be attaining 65% (Minimum) in Maths and Science. An entrance test will then be written (1 hr – maths).

    2. Please ask your sister to come into our offices with her latest school report. She must be attaining 65% (Minimum) in Maths and Science. An entrance test will then be written (1 hr – maths).

  8. Hi I am Mbuso.I am currently doing grade 12 .I want to join your programme,what should I bring to your office in order to be part of your programme ?

    1. Hi Khanyisani; our Grade 12 Class is full at the moment – you must remember that we have been working since January towards year end. In order to qualify for acceptance, you have to be attaining a minimum of 65% in both Mathematics and Physical Science Mid Year 2017. If this is the case you will need to bring in this report as soon as you receive it and write our entrance test. If you pass this, I will interview you and if a space becomes available, you will be admitted.
      Kind regards, Rose

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